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The working hours and opportunities for each artist, whether a model, performer or influencer, are as individual as the person themselves, because it also depends on life circumstances.
Are you still studying or going to school, are you already working part-time or full-time in a regular job, what is your family situation? All this and more can have an influence on your possibilities to realize your career as an artist.
But whether you only have time on the weekends or want to dedicate yourself full-time to your passion and your career as an artist, it's definitely worth it and there's always a way.

How much time do I have to spend?

As already explained, the more time you can / want to invest, the more you will be able to earn with your career as an artist. However, this does not mean that a "small artist career", which you pursue on the side, is not also lucrative. Whether 1 day per week or 7 days per week, we make sure that a lucrative turnover is achieved.

If you want to learn more about the most important factors for earning money as a model, performer or influencer, please click here. Here we show you your possibilities in a very transparent way.

How the collab` with KopfKino Art Media works:

We develop the ideas for the shoots and productions based on current trends, including from social networks, as well as from trade media and trend charts for advertising and marketing companies.
Based on these ideas, we develop so-called MoodBoards and production plans.

In addition, we take care of:

  • Location
  • Set Up
  • Decoration
  • if needed: Clothes
  • Make Up Artist
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Travel planning for the artist(train / flight)
  • Accommodation (production hotel)
  • and everything else that is necessary for the respective production

Why is even a little time enough to be successful as an artist?

On each production day, depending on the set and location, we are able to produce a high number of media raw material, in the form of images, videos, or both. The following average values result from our experience, per production day and after already sorting out non-usable false shots (fails):

  • For photo shoots on average between: 600 and 2,000 photos
  • For video shoots on average between: 3 and 5 hours of video footage
  • For combined productions on average between: 400 - 1200 photos and 2 -4 hours of video material

Of course, these are not only perfect shots, which after revision, can be sold to advertisers. A quota of 10% of the total material that is saleable is the usual average. But also the remaining material is processed and marketed in other ways. Thus one reaches a nearly 100% use of the developed material.

If you now calculate the average number of resulting photos and videos with the factor of days that the artist can spend, the result is high numbers of marketable material.

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