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KopfKino Art Media is not a model agency in the classical sense!
We see ourselves as a media production company!
From the basic idea of the content to be produced, through the preparations and production,
to artist management and marketing of the jointly produced content.

In which areas do we work at KopfKino Art Media?

  • Photomodels
  • Actors
  • Influencer

However, one must clearly point out here that an influencer is not a separate area of ​​work. Because a successfully marketed photo model or a successfully marketed actress is always an influencer.
Because the earning potential and income of an artist, whether a model or performer, is always dependent on personal reach and awareness, which is easiest to increase in social networks.

Which recording areas does KopfKino Art Media cover?

  • Portrait
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Swimwear
  • Dessous
  • Bodypainting
  • Part Nude / Topless
  • Nude

Which shooting areas the model or actress offers is not our decision.
However, we produce top-class content, especially in accordance with our name in the area of KopfKino. In other words, senstive content that meets the highest standards of quality and style without appearing in any way derogatory.
To the truth also belongs that we have specialized in the lascivious and erotic representation and here our great strengths lie and we have a corresponding network of partners and customers.

Everything can, nothing must, that's an old saying, but it's absolutely valid.
We would just like to note that the earnings for sensitive content are many times higher.

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