What`s KopfKino meaning?

KopfKino is in your mind!
just on your own way!
But what does it mean?

Matadornetwork.com explains it that way:
Head cinema (Kopfkino) - “When your imagination runs away from you”

“Head cinema” is a beautiful German expression the English language desperately needs so we can better describe the occurrence of having your normal thoughts hijacked by your weirder, stupider ones. You know, like when you’re lying in bed trying fruitlessly to sleep but end up staring at the ceiling as your imagination loops movies you’d never wanted to see. Movies with titles like Remember That Time In Gym Class When You Were 12 And Your Trousers Fell Down?, You Still Didn’t Do Your Tax Return IV, or Your Wife Is Getting Kind of Friendly With That Guy Alan at Work, Isn’t She.
Movies that all seem to feature you, only not as the movie’s plucky young star, the one who overcomes all odds and triumphs in a climactic, joyous finale with a Bollywood-style dance scene and the release of several dozen white doves. No, you’re not that character. You’re the character who crosses the road whilst texting and gets hit by a bus.

KopfKino can make attractive content even more attractive:
It`s just in your mind - It gives you every dream you like!

“But KopfKino can also be in the sensitive area.
Imagine how you see an attractive person in the bar, far away and without talking to the person.
Suddenly your head cinema starts and you dream yourself into a romantic ambience with the person. Just you and the person, maybe in front of a fireplace, in less clothes, together under a blanket.
Whatever is in your mind. KopfKino can give you the every dream you like!"

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