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The hard reality is that the earnings of a model or actress depend on many factors. Factors that affect their own person, as well as factors of possible working hours, shooting areas and much more. Therefore, the earnings are as individual as the person of the model or actress herself. But if you do it right, there is in every model and in every actress the appropriate potential!
In the following we will explain the factors and show you some anonymized examples of earnings, which we can also prove by means of payment receipts.

Personal factors

Factor Time

Of course, a model or actress who pursues her artistic career full time earns more than an artist who can only devote 1 day a week to her career. Every artist must be aware of this and decide if she wants to pursue her career as a part-time or full-time artist. But even part-time, it is very lucrative.

Factor Age

We often hear that you can only be successful as a blood young model and actress. Directly from school off in front of the camera. In our opinion and experience this is not the case. It is true that it is of course easier to market an attractive young model or actress. But also female artists who did not jump in front of the camera at the age of 18 have the potential to be marketed successfully and lucratively. This only requires explicit knowledge of the target groups, the market, the competitive environment and a qualitatively and quantitatively appropriate network of the agency or media company behind the artist.

Factor Working Sectors

Have you ever heard someone say that you earn more as a performer than as a pure model? Or maybe even completely the other way around, that someone thinks models earn better than actresses?
To be honest, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The really lucrative to perform as an artist is a mixture of model and actress. New German we are then already arrived at 80% of the topic Influencerin. The last 20% is the interaction with fans and followers in social networks. Because of course attractive content, whether as photo or video material, can be published, but reach is generated only through interaction with the target group. Because the target group, whether fans, followers, subscribers or whatever else you call them, are your customers! They follow you and you earn that they consume your material in the form of images and videos. On platforms and on your own artist website you earn money with the user interaction, so in the form that the users write to you, that they buy your products in the store (fan articles) and much more. Every user is a direct financial gain for you. Even users who don't buy pictures or videos, don't write messages and don't buy fan articles in your store, generate revenue for you by visiting your website, where for example ads are displayed through the Google AD Network. So you could say: Even by reading the welcome text on your website these users generate money. Money that ends up in the artist's account, your account.

Factor Recording / Shooting Areas

Yes, we have to be completely honest. Footage and video of an attractive artist in lingerie generates more revenue than footage and video of an artist in a turtleneck sweater. This is due to human nature. We all know that we feel more attracted to attractive and "sexy" looking people. Humans just haven't successfully completed all the evolutionary stages yet, which is why their animalistic behavior is a clear factor in these points! Please excuse the hard reality! This factor is since primeval times one of the most important factors of all industry fields which deal with publications. The advertising and marketing industry, the photography industry, the trade and distribution, the film industry and many more. But that doesn't mean that only lingerie shoots work. As an artist you are publicly an art figure. You tell a story and live it out documentarily with your work. The task of the agency or media company behind the artist is to find an attractive and marketable role and to produce and market it as best as possible with the artist.


These factors affect potential earnings

  • Working Times
  • Working Sectors
  • Recording / Shooting Areas
  • Age
  • Optics
  • Interaction with your target audience
  • Marketing strategy
  • Partner Network
  • Distribution Structure
  • Readiness

These areas form the basics of a successful marketing strategy

  • Reach generation: social media networks
  • Reach generation: Own website
  • Reach generation: Advertising
  • Reach generation: Cooperations with other artists, brands and products
  • Reach generation: interaction content (voting, polls, etc.)
  • Reach generation: interaction measures (increasing visibility through interaction, e.g. comments)
  • Distribution structure: Fan articles
  • Distribution structure: media content stock photography / videography
  • Distribution structure: customer acquisition (commissioned productions / bookings)
  • PR Actions
  • Partner acquisition and management
  • Network acquisition and management
  • and many more


Example artist - shooting areas up to lingerie

4 Days per Month - 21 Years of Age - Dress Size 36 (S)

Example artist - shooting areas up to nude

4 Days per Month - 19 Years of Age - Dress Size 36 (S)

You see the factors that influence the possible earnings are extensive. We know that there is a lot of input in the form of information. But unfortunately it is impossible to explain it in a shorter way. However, we would like to give you a simple way to get an idea of how much money you can earn under different factors. For this purpose we have summarized some examples for you, which come from the direct work of KopfKino Art Media. The data are anonymized for the protection of the artists and serve only the clarification.

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