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Whether model, actor or influencer.
They all have one thing in common: they belong in front of the camera!
But there is even more that unites the different people.
We're talking about publicity and reach. Reach in the form of followers, fans, subscribers.

Why you need followers, fans and subscribers?

Well, the answer is obvious: the reach is a decisive factor in an artist's earnings. Whether as a model, performer or influencer. Not only in the direct distribution of their own media, in the form of photos, videos, audios or the like. Because the range also decides significantly with which customers become aware. It therefore has a direct impact on sales through bookings.

If you want to learn more about the most important factors for earning money as a model, performer or influencer, please click here. Here we show you your possibilities in a very transparent way.

We are often asked: Do I have to work full time as a model / actress?
The answer is quite simple: No you don't!
Even top models or high profile performers don't have a full time job that keeps them busy every day. Every agency and every media production company that promises you that, you can immediately put in the category "unserious".

However, as is usually the case in life, the more time you can invest, the more reach you will achieve, the more attention you will draw to your person and the more sales you will generate. But that doesn't mean you have to have a shoot, a production or anything like that every day.

We are talking about time for social media content, selfies and selfshot videos that let your fans share a bit of your life and direct fan interaction in the form of comments, replies to messages and much more. Yes, as an agency we can support you in many ways and relieve you in many ways. But we can't do the selfies at the shoping, nor the LiveStreams on Instagram for you, because we don't look like you. You are unique!

But enough of the long words, let's let the facts speak for themselves! We have compiled all the information in the shortest and clearest form. Just click on the various points, from the working hours, to the areas of responsibility, to the earnings. And whenever you have collected enough information, you can use the application form to apply for work with us. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you'll already be producing KopfKino in the heads of the people out there.


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